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This data set is a table of 53 treatment outcomes calculated on 3560 participants from three clinical trials to assess the efficacy of medication-assisted treatment for opioid use disorder.




A tibble with 3,560 rows and 64 columns. These columns include


Patient ID


A character string containing the "use pattern word", which represents the weekly opioid use for each participant after their day of randomization. For more information, see link[ctn0094DataExtra]{derived_weeklyOpioidPattern}


The calculated treatment outcomes for 53 endpoints. Some endpoints are composites of "time to event" and an "event" indicator, but these are included as two separate columns and are named *_time and *_event, respectively.


These outcomes are based on a harmonized set of data from three clinical trials. The harmonized data from these trials are contained in the packages ctn0094data and ctn0094DataExtra. These outcomes are calculated in the three abstinence, relapse, and reduction "library" vignettes of this package. The data dictionary is currently stored as an Excel spreadsheet in inst/suppl_docs/definitions_20221123.xlsx.